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Thank you for the feedback Kyle!

I've considered putting one corner trap in the top left corner (the open corner at front wall). Do you think it is better to treat one corner than none at all? I worry the asymmetry might be bad for the stero image.

The closets are being used for my clothes, but thats better than nothing I suppose. Would have been pretty interesting to see what effect it would have had if I filled them with rockwool though (they are roughly 55cm/1' 9" deep).
I'll have to experiment with a drape/curtain once I start measuring the room acoustics!
I would test first and see if the bass response is good enough or not. Given the trap would be behind the speaker, and your using nearfields the bass response would probably improve more than the imaging would be harmed. The window in the other front corner is going to act like a bass trap, letting lows out below a certain frequency.