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Here for the gear

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honestly it's a downgrade in audio quality, BUT if you want to get into the UAD ecosystem and the change in workflow is appealing to you than it would be an ok move. Apollo sounds fine (nearly everything current sound fine these days). Your current rig has greater fidelity.
Thanks, NathanBarley.

I've only wanted greater convenience (everything in one rack space), and thought perhaps the UA X-series newer converters and preamps would be as good as the True/Rosetta 800 setup. My main concern has been that the sound quality would suffer.

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It depends what you’re hoping to get out of the “switch”. Are you interested getting into the UAD2 ecosystem? Do you want more flavors of preamps than the clean sound the True8 gives you? Are you hoping the Apollo will give you audibly better conversion? Do you need the monitoring tools that the Rosetta lacks?
Thanks, thismercifulfate.

I'm not too into getting into the UAD2 ecosystem, though I thought it might be cool to have the preamp emulations.

So far, it seems that those who've heard both the UA X8p and the True Systems Precision 8/Rosetta 800 prefer the latter set up for fidelity -- very interesting!