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Old 24th June 2020
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Hi all,

So, during lock-down I though it'd be a great idea to delve into the world of home recording, so armed with review websites and ratings on sites like Amazon I jumped in with both feet trying to set up a home recording studio. All I owned before this was a mic which sat in a dusty cupboard for a couple of years.

So, after downloading a load of free (trail) DAWs like Studio One, Pro tools, Cakewalk and Ambleton, then buying a new 1TB HDD to accommodate all this new software I decided I needed an audio interface, read the reviews and bought a focusrite solo 3rd gen - great!.

Bought some headphones - same process - Behringer HPS 3000 - a bit plasticy but sound okish.

Then I thought I'd get a monitor - (same process, read reviews, etc) based on my limited means I went with a single monitor (went for quality rather than quantity) and bought a Alesis M1 active Mk3 - great!

Now - let's connect them up! Ah! ok - stereo to mono doesn't go!

Back to the internet, research, bought a Palmer Monicon Monitor controller to allow me to mono sum the output from the Focusrite.

So that's where I currently am - My monitor controller is due for delivery tomorrow.

I'll be searching the forum to get advise on which DAW to go with - currently Studio One is the most intuitive to use IMO, but early days yet.

I've not even mentioned the cables I've bought and then realised they're no what I need.

I'm glad I've found the forum, just wish I came here before buying the kit!