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No. With ASIO4all, you can see all interfaces connected to any ports/slots and enable them all if you wanted to.

Here I'm using all audio devices on my PC: Novation Xio (USB), Realtek (onboard), AMD HDMI (from GPU card), UA Apollo Twin (USB3) below.
I've not tried to use this approach. It seems ASIO4ALL is standing on the shoulders of the WDM implementation of each interface, and then presenting that as a single-grouped ASIO resource to the DAW. If that's the case, isn't the channel count limited to the WDM limits offered by the respective driver of each interface? In most of the interfaces I've used, the channel count under WDM is smaller than its corresponding ASIO driver written by the manufacturer.

It seems that the ambition for 6 stereo pairs from the AF12 and the 10 stereo pairs from the Saffire Pro 40 would hit a limit somewhere. I couldn't find any info at the website. What is the limit?
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