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Do you mean a 'peak' at 100Hz?
Adding Helmholtz absorption would only make a "dip" worse.

It sounds like you are trying to address a specific problem with your console platform. But if it is built as a broadband absorber, it's not really a specific solution. Do you know that you have a 100 Hz issue again in this room?
If it is a 100 Hz peak, I wonder if it is more of a resonance issue from a poorly supported floor. In that case, you need to either:
A) re-enforce the floor joists below (for example, it may be too long of a span, with relatively undersized joists)
B) add mass to your deck - preferably something with high density and good dampening - like sand, for example. But you may need to provide additional support to the floor joists before loading the floor with sand (e.g.. jack posts)

Other than poor isolation, the windows shouldn't be problematic. But, I would be surprised if they have an STC rating of more than about 20. So, just as long as you recognize they will be the weak point in your room, as far as isolation is concerned. Depending upon what/ who is on the other side, that may/ may not be okay.

Good luck. Very exciting for you, I'm sure.