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Old 23rd June 2020
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Session Settings, Changing Bit Depth and What it Does.

Hi all,

I just received a Pro Tools session to mix...and after opening I went to the Session settings to find it's a 16 bit/48khz session.

I'm basically trying to figure out if it's best for me to do a "Save Copy In" and convert everything to 24 bit...or...if I simply change the Session Settings Bit Depth to 24 and get to work. I typically work at that's all fine.

I just want to make sure I'm correct here. So, if I change the Bit Depth to 24 Bit within the Session Settings box, this only means that NEW audio, any bounces, or anything I run out through my hardware will be printed at 24 bit...but the original files will stay at 16 bit, correct? If so, that's great.

Also, will my print (summed through outboard and back in) or any ITB bounces I do also be at 24 bit?

Last, does changing the session settings to 24 bit allow all of my plugins and processing to run at a higher resolution, or does Pro Tools do that automatically...?