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Old 23rd June 2020
Gear Head

Really? I saw that thread you linked & couldn't make much sense of it. I guess my takeaway from the discussion was that it basically doesn't matter what your floor is - in that all surfaces are reflective. What matters is resonance.

I'm pretty new to this, so I'm thinking that a thick-ass slab of concrete is not going to be resonating with me playing my acoustic guitar (I'm not tracking big-time stuff, bands, or bass-heavy frequencies). So, given that I wanted to do hardwood, the rubberized pad was supposed to I guess provide some absorbative dampening effect, make footfalls quieter obviously, and maybe diminish the intensity of the reflections from the hardwood floor in the room.

Tile is also an interesting idea, though as a homeowner, I'll be staying away from asbestos.

What's tough is that my room is small!

Thanks for the reply. If you had any other input, it's definitely welcome.