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Lundahl Transformers in Stellavox SM8 Recorders

Hi, has anyone a clue how Stellavox updated the SP8 with Lundahl transformers?

They state(d) the Stellamaster is with Lundahl transformers.
Did they put them at IN and OUT, for Mic and Line?

Any suggestions / pictures will be welcome.

I have a Stellavox SP7 being revised, it is a unit with headblock mono, 19 cm.*
The Lundahl transformers are not that much expensive and I consider to improve record quality, even if "only" for speech.
I have concacted Per Lundahl in Sweden about it. He kindly replied, but has no clue about this Stellavox update with their transformers, which may have been done in Switzerland some 30 years back.
Lundahl transformers are still in production, obviously.

Thank you for suggestions & advice.


*To my understanding for mastering voice you needed not 38cm/sec.
A Studer 80RC gives excellent result at 19 cm/sec, I do not hear significant difference compared to 38cm/sec.
A Nagra 4 gives good results at 9,5cm/ sec, at 19cm they give a little shock for someone who tried different consumer tape recorders before: you do not expect t h i s performance from such small unit.
Stellavox I haven't heard yet, but was told they are as good as Nagra and consider them to operate well at low speed.
You can also record on files, with good field digital field recorders, but I wish to have a excellent first generation tape for my archives and later production stages too.
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