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Old 23rd June 2020
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Both are among my least favorite comps.

When I started out Rvox was my default vocal comp, not because I thought it was great but because it seemed like a very popular, fool-proof choice.

The more I've been using it the less I like it. It never levels anything out properly, it also seems like adding quite a bit of harsh distortion/saturation or something. I found that it doesn't do well when used heavily. I can do 10-15dB compression with LA2A easily and it will be buttery smooth both in dynamics and sound, or 670 or even 76. Rvox will always be rollercoasting and bringing out the harshness (especially if I'm dealing with a bad mic recording).

I don't mind throwing it at the end of the chain if I'm lazy to tame the last 2-3dB (love the GUI), but I just don't get it personally. It's either too aggressive, or I don't know what. The settings are all wrong for the type of vocals I work with (mid tempo pop).

C2 is just a vanilla compressor. It can do any job just fine, it can be pretty punchy. Just not a fan of GUI, too fussy and unwelcoming, lots of "click that micro arrow to go to that tiny icon in a corner subgroup to open a submenu to adjust 10 more things" type of stuff. It also constantly gives me a feeling that I'm not using it properly - either I'm missing out on some feature or one of 200 settings is not set up right or I'm in the wrong mode out of 10 it has etc. etc. While "if it sounds good it sounds good" approach works, it's just something that is constantly bugging me and why I don't like it.