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Longtime reader of GS, but my first post.

I am strongly considering replacing my Behringer XENYX Q802USB with a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. My home studio consists of an iMac with Logic Pro X and two Presonus monitors (and a whole bunch of irrelevant stuff!).

Before I do that, I would like to make sure that the 2i2 is able to do exactly what I want:

1. I can attach my Presonus monitors to the 2i2 and hear the "system" sound (i.e. whatever I play on the iMac –*whether it's from Logic, Spotify, YouTube in a browser etc.)

2. I can attach my headphones to the front of the 2i2 and also hear the system sound

3. I can easily turn down either the monitors or the headphones, so that I only hear one of them at a time (i.e. headphones only when recording vocals for a song)

4. The way the mic input is handled is independent from whatever levels I have set the monitors or headphones to

5. With a microphone plugged in to the 2i2, the sound will not come out of the monitors or headphones — unless I have Input Monitoring turned on in Logic

6. The 2i2 3rd Gen will work with an older iMac without USB-C

(Some of these might seem silly. But I have run into quite a few hurdles with my USB mixer, and I want to make sure I will be rid of all of them by buying a 2i2.)

Can anyone confirm that none of these six will be a problem?

Thanks so much in advance!
None of these should be a problem. A couple of comments on individual points:

3. There are separate volume controls for monitors (the big knob) and headphones (the knob above the headphone jack).

4. Input gain is separate from monitoring volume, it's set with the gain knobs next to each input.

5. You can set this on or off with the direct monitor button on the front. Direct monitoring will have less latency than monitoring through your DAW, but obviously will be missing any processing done on the computer.

6. You can just get an adapter with the correct USB connectors on each end and it will work. USB-C is just a connector, not a protocol.