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Old 23rd June 2020
Gear Head

Hey, thank you all for your input. All very good and valid points.

I didn't know about the serial number range with potential bad graphics chips, that is really good to know and something i will look into. Besides that, yeah just the fact that you CAN replace the battery, ram and ssd on the 2012 model makes this probably a safer bet than newer models.

Still i don't really know what the average lifespan of other components might be. It just would be a shame to invest 500 bucks now just to realize that the logic board fails in like 6-12 months from now. Sure you can't say that with any kind of certainty but maybe there is some rule of thumb on how long macbooks of that time usually last.

The irony is that i'm typing this on a even older macbook from 2008 which i only use for office stuff. Still works great and i usually don't tend to go easy on those things (survived my university years and a lot of traveling).

I guess if i could get another three maybe four years out of a 2012 macbook pro it seems worth it to me. Do you think that's feasible?

Thank you again!