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Old 23rd June 2020
The ULTIMATE guide to 808's

<Moan> So I came across this, and I was pretty upset at the time I wasted.
For those not bothered to look at the video, the succinct version...dude put out a video "The ULTIMATE guide to 808's"
The video has well over a MILLION views. He must be some kind of an expert. Perhaps he'll have Ikutaro Kakehashi himself as a guest.

So I watch the video.
And I watch.
And I watch.
And I start fast forwardring.
I go backward.
I move ahead, I move back.

The issue? He doesn't play or even SHOW and 808 in this "Ultimate guide". All he's doing is showing some goofy sh*t on his computer.
The worst part?
Everyone is eating it up! "You the man" "You are a savant" etc.
The top comment notes the lack of an 808...and he his reply is as long as people watch that is all that he cares about. He is even selling his whack beats (and they are WHACK).

Once again, we have these PANDERERS who are talking about things they know absolutely nothing about, and because they have the ability to control the narrative...they say whatever they want. (See my "That's Not Techno" video.

Listen, I don't even consider myself an 808 guy (and I've had one since 1986/1987)...but now I'm gonna have to really lay my sh*t down on this panderer. i.e. I'm gonna put together an album with REAL 808 tracks...made with (wait for it....) and actual TR-808.
pssst....and because I'm 'like that'....I'll throw in some 909 and 303 just because...I CAN.

Yeah, I know I won't get millions of views...but I'll sleep well because I am not some panderer trying to be...all in the videos, all on the computer...playing pretend expert simply to throw some money in my pocket. If anyone watches this guy, I'll tell you right now...he is a complete phony. That much I can assure you. And if you are on here and think I'm wrong...we can make it real easy and hop on a pod-cast or something...I'll help you figure it out....Panderer. </Moan>