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Old 23rd June 2020
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I think I have the same model at work (which I have been locked out of since March), 2012 i7, 15 inch, which I mainly use for tracking live concerts from Mackie Onyx firewire mixers and Behringer X32 mixers (over USB) using Reaper.

It has worked fine to this day but I will note:

-Yes, it's old. I do not connect it to the internet since I left it running Sierra (IIRC) so the Mackies would continue to work. I would not pay too much.

-Nice if you need Firewire and an optical drive.

-USB 2 only

-needs an SSD installed to work well

-this model I think has a serial number range recall for a bad graphics chip.

-My battery went bad last year, failed to hold a charge, then started expanding, bending some of the case before I noticed and opened it up. I bought a Newertech replacement.