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Oh that's easy enough to answer. My lyrics from the last 6 months, or for that matter pretty much forever, reveal nothing about me because they're meaningless. They're just words thrown down on a piece of paper.

Now I'm no psychology major so I can't tell you what that says about me as a person but that's the reality. I've always said I hate writing lyrics. I've always said I'm terrible at writing lyrics. I'm finally, for the first time in my life, trying to get better at that. I think musically I'm fine. I don't need help there. But lyrics? Forget it. They stink.

I'm not sure if I've answered your question to your satisfaction but it's the best I can do and still be honest. My lyrics are meaningless.

Maybe that means I'm meaningless as well.
this is the basis for your lyrics for a great song.. I've spent quite a bit of time today reading and listening to all the post. You have plenty of depth, and something to say, people can relate to pain , frustration, personal growth, self-awareness, and facing challenges despite the hardships. This is a great thread, and I'm learning a lot of things just by reading an listening.