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Old 23rd June 2020
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Before buying a 2i2: Six individual concerns


Longtime reader of GS, but my first post.

I am strongly considering replacing my Behringer XENYX Q802USB with a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. My home studio consists of an iMac with Logic Pro X and two Presonus monitors (and a whole bunch of irrelevant stuff!).

Before I do that, I would like to make sure that the 2i2 is able to do exactly what I want:

1. I can attach my Presonus monitors to the 2i2 and hear the "system" sound (i.e. whatever I play on the iMac –*whether it's from Logic, Spotify, YouTube in a browser etc.)

2. I can attach my headphones to the front of the 2i2 and also hear the system sound

3. I can easily turn down either the monitors or the headphones, so that I only hear one of them at a time (i.e. headphones only when recording vocals for a song)

4. The way the mic input is handled is independent from whatever levels I have set the monitors or headphones to

5. With a microphone plugged in to the 2i2, the sound will not come out of the monitors or headphones — unless I have Input Monitoring turned on in Logic

6. The 2i2 3rd Gen will work with an older iMac without USB-C

(Some of these might seem silly. But I have run into quite a few hurdles with my USB mixer, and I want to make sure I will be rid of all of them by buying a 2i2.)

Can anyone confirm that none of these six will be a problem?

Thanks so much in advance!