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Old 22nd June 2020
Here for the gear

What is this noise?

This sample is just clean guitar being recorded in Ableton on Mac, with no clipping on my interface or in Ableton (maybe play the sample on loop to stop another song from playing automatically afterwards which might be loud):

The noise is very subtle but my Focal FA-65 monitor speakers seem to really show it and it's very annoying - its associated with frequencies around 1 - 1.2kHz and the noise is around this frequency, if I knock out this frequency range the noise goes. The noise is best described as a very subtle fizz sound / slight distortion (you will need good hearing to hear it), and I can't hear it using my headphone monitors, only monitor speakers, though my phones aren't great.

I'm at a total loss, and have spent a total of probably some days trying to figure this out, going over things over and over, and I'm about to conclude I am hearing the limits of digital recording (which I find very unlikely) since I have ruled out most things:

- I've tried using 2 different interfaces
- I can here the noise on many VSTs such as expensive piano libraries
- I've tried different expensive cables to my monitors
- I've simply monitored the guitar through my interfaces with the computer off and it's still present
- I've tried some Yamaha HS7s and the noise is not as obvious but still present
- It is definitely coming from the speakers

I think if you have good monitors and good hearing you should be able to identify it, and then the question is what the hell is it??