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Bad vocal tracking in my "treated" room


I am not satisfied with vocal Tracking, it seems that I sing in a box and the voice seems as muffled. So if someone can refer me to a solution it would be great because this stiff turn me crazy.

So I take my shots via SM7B + fethead + mogami cable >> preamp "UA610" unison simulation in "APOLLO TWIN" in thunderbolt connection to my mac MBP 2012 SSD AND 16 GB of RAM.

I chose a spot in a corner where the bass is not very present.

as the acoustic treatment I impS VERY ortance I treated my room which is (3.4m X 3.3m X 2.7m) with DIY panels on the walls and ceiling "cloud". I put you below the acoustic measurements of the room.

My question is whether it comes from my sm7B (it would surprise me because with the rt nt1A it is the same), my apollo or my acoustics. (Besides, is a piece treated for mixing suitable for recording ???)

thank you in advance
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