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Ok, let's see if I understood correctly. You have:

A Cubase MIDI track > the track's MIDI output routing set to your external synth > the audio generated by the external synth back into an audio track of Cubase. Is it ok?

I think that it's more likely that the problem is to be found on the synth than in Cubase. Do you have the possibility to send another MIDI signal to the synth (without using Cubase), to check whether or not this is the case? Another option could be to take the thru port of your synth, connect it to a Cubase MIDI track input, load on that track the MIDI Monitor in insert and check what messages are sent to the external synth.
I seem to have resolved the issue.

I set the midi track to receive midi from the synth keyboard and also transmit it back to the synth to trigger the sound engine (which was routed back to a cubase audio track to monitor). This was working as intended. The issue was when I sent midi clock to the synth (from cubase) to sync the sequencer of the synth to cubase. I left the midi track both sending and receiving midi and I think this made a midi feedback loop which sent the synth crazy. When using midi clock from cubase I need to make sure to disable this loop.

What had me confused was when I tested this to recreate this behaviour the midi channel sometimes (but not always) would become inoperable. For example, when setting up this feedback loop using midi channel 1 this channel would sometimes stop working. I set the midi channel to channel 2 it would work as intended, until I set up the feedback loop again. I now had 2 inoperable midi channels. When I set up midi to channel 3 it worked but channels 1 and 2 were still inoperable. Over time, midi channel 1 began working again but channel 2 still wouldn't work. After a little more time channel 2 also began working again and all 16 channels are now working.

What I can't explain is why all 16 channels would not send midi to trigger cubase VSTis even though cubase was receiving the midi input, which prompted me to ask for support here. Just to complicate matters, it seems that the TR8S behaves oddly for many people when using midi over usb. This can sometimes send/receive midi over all channels even when specifying a dedicated channel for midi data. I am now triggering the TR8S via DIN and now appears more stable. I have set up the feedback loop on the TR too and, although it doesn't like it, it doesn't trash any of my midi channels which suggests it is related to the synth, as you stated.

Another factor is that I have just upgraded my pc and now using a Ryzen setup instead of intel. My audio interface is known to not like some Ryzen usb architecture and I had to do some work to get it running properly. It's possible that the synths may not like it too as I never trashed midi channels on my intel pc when forgetting to disable the midi feedback loop.

In short, I need to remember to break the feedback loop when using midi clock and the sequencer on the synth.

Thanks for your help.