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Buying a used Macbook Pro 2012 in 2020

Hey Gearslutz,

i'm thinking of picking up a used Macbook Pro 2012 (non retina) in 15inch and an i7 processor for light music production. They usually go for about 500 bucks these days in my local area and power-wise i think they are more than capable for what i intend to do on one of these.

But it's still an eight year old machine. I'm no stranger to repairng certain things (fixed up my imac 2011 several times and resurrected it from near-death) but i'm still unsure whether this is a good investment or not.

The reason i picked the 2012 non retina model is, that it's the last Macbook Pro Model that it's easily upgradeble (RAM, HDD/SSD and most of all the battery).
I guess my question would be if you think it's wise to invest in such an old machine. Maybe some of you use one of those and can tell me, how prone they are to die nowadays or how many years (if any) i can realistically get out of one, if it's in fairly good condition.

Are there good alternatives (no windows devices, since i'm heavily invested in logic and just can't stand win10) to the macbook i picked?

Let me know if you think you can get me some perspective on that.

Thank you and cheers!