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Why didn't you just buy (or DIY) 2 subwoofers? It would have been more "safe"...and more predictable as Jens suggested in your thread :
Should i consider a sub ? (REW data included)

"Two subs on the floor, positioned close to the mains (in the width dimension, not depth: close to front wall is often the best place in depth dimension) and integrated properly (X-over, alignment, correction etc.) with a DSP is in my opinion the best solution. One reason being that it´s often (almost always) a good thing to be able to cross over fairly high (150 Hz or even higher, assuming you can position the subs in a way so that works) since it´s then possible to get rid of the often otherwise problematic dip due to SBIR related to floor bounce (often showing up at around 100-150 Hz (depending on position of source and receiver)." Jens Eklund.

I would never treat my room based on my ideas, but only on very solid referenced papers. You're brave!

Worth reading IMO :

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