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Thanks for your reply. All the routings are good and midi channels matched. Not claiming to be an expert but have set this up successfully several times.

As I said, it was working as intended and then stopped working without changing any settings in Cubase. When it stopped working I had the synth output routed to an audio track in Cubase and the local Sw switched off on the synth so that the keyboard did not trigger the sound engine directly. I triggered the synth via a midi track in Cubase and monitored the synth through Cubase. I set it up this way so when I selected another track in Cubase the synth keyboard would trigger the selected track and not the synth.

When I synced the synth sequencer to cubase, via midi clock in cubase synchronisation page, it would run fine unless I had the midi track feeding the synth selected in the project window. When I did the sequencer would go crazy and I would sometimes have to reboot the synth to get it to behave normally again. It was during one of these freak outs when this keyboard issue occured and I have been unable to get it working again since.
Ok, let's see if I understood correctly. You have:

A Cubase MIDI track > the track's MIDI output routing set to your external synth > the audio generated by the external synth back into an audio track of Cubase. Is it ok?

I think that it's more likely that the problem is to be found on the synth than in Cubase. Do you have the possibility to send another MIDI signal to the synth (without using Cubase), to check whether or not this is the case? Another option could be to take the thru port of your synth, connect it to a Cubase MIDI track input, load on that track the MIDI Monitor in insert and check what messages are sent to the external synth.