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Old 21st June 2020
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As a professional software dev for 20+ years, I can assure you there are numerous advantages for keeping up with operating system tech. . .and I stay as close to that edge as my critical software applications allow. DAWs and audio interface drivers are notorious lagers that push back on the viability of keeping OS versions at [or sometimes even near] the latest release.

OS enhancements generally include improvements in performance, security, functionality, maintainability, integrations and user experience. All of these categories are important to me. At some point, of course, old tech gets deprecated and support is dropped. The same forces apply to pretty much all popular operating systems [Apple iOS, MacOS, Windows, and Linux].

Of course, everything has its cost. For me, trying to stay on old tech is way too expensive for where I want to go.

Not a deep reply as to the importance of one functional point vs. another. Apologies. The amount of energy I am willing to spend here is limited.

You will find deltas available between versions published by Apple in your case. . .same of other OS and application vendors.

My advice is to stay as up to date as you can, or run down the specific deltas yourself and make certain you personally understand them.


Ray H.