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Old 20th June 2020
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Does Anybody Use The Slate VRS8?

I don't see much talk about he Slate VRS8 around here. I've been just using my Helix Rack as an audio interface but Line 6's drivers kind of suck but it works. The last interface I had was a RME UFX+ which was obviously rock solid but was overkill for my needs. Even the Slate would be overkill but it is about half the price of what I sold my UFX+ for.

Looks like the VRS8 can be had for around $1000 USD in the used market which seems to be pretty reasonable for what you get. Of course if the Windows drivers suck then the unit is pretty much useless.

I have a Thunderbolt 3 port but it doesn't seem like the VRS8 runs on Thunderbolt for Windows for some reason.

Does anybody have any first hand in use experience with the VRS8 that works within Windows?