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wondered if any of you seasoned pro singers could give some advice on taming the horrible E vowel.

I've tried vowel modification (using Ih), but nothing seems to help and have to fix with mix automation.

I it just a matter of backing off the support and or volume to compensate and reduce the frequency kick that it gives between 1-2k?

any tips are gleefully accepted.


Found the answer and it works:
I was forcing the vowel too much (too much push), If i relax the sound on the vowel it softens it, also with a touch of the Ih rounds it off more. thanks anyway.
E isn't a dreaded vowel?

I just sang one as I read your post - feels like any old vowel to me - perhaps a touch brighter but not in a bad way (I've been singing 35 years)

Maybe it's just a resonance is your particular voice in which case you just need to find a strategy particular to your own delivery to compensate - and reading your post it sounds like you already found one - great.

If you're writing your own material then avoid (if possible) writing a lyric that puts an E vowel on a high piecing note.