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Working from an apartment - Film Composer

Anyone here have 1st hand experience with working from an apartment regarding making noise? (Taking into consideration the infinite amount of variables regarding wall thickness, ambient noise, drywall material used, unfriendly neighbor etc etc)

My findings are that I can barely hear a neighbor speaking at loud volume through the walls (85-95db) I can hear the bass frequencies of the voice but cannot make out the words, my ambient noise is 42db (windows closed) + 55db (windows open).

General drywall sound transmission class (STC) is roughly 30-34..This tells me that I should be able to work at 80db max volume without concern or worry about being an a**hole (during working daylight hours of course)

Any film composers work in apartments and measure their db's? Of course I have invited to talk to my neighbor, but Covid makes everything tricky & everyone is at home these days so thought I would gather other peoples opinions on this matter.

Im aware of headphones being the popular answer, im trying to avoid that. I am also going to be killing my sub (footswitch) and activating it for 45min/day to double check sub frequencies. As we know, low mids and subs are always an issue.

I have my eyes as this for a solution: (Starc Modular Walls)

@ $375/linear ft though its a hefty investment, but looks promising.