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Old 20th June 2020
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Lost midi input to instruments

Looking for a little help, please!

I have been having serious issues with midi (regarding syncing external synths) but have managed to resolve them. However, I now cant send midi from my keyboard to control anything inside cubase.

When I press a key on the keyboard I can see the midi activity (note on/off) going in to Cubase on the indicator on the bottom right of the project window, to the right of the transport bar. However, there is no midi activity going in to virtual instruments, so no sound at all when using the keyboard (Retrologue's midi activity light does not blink at all). I can't get the keyboard to trigger anything via USB-midi or DIN-midi using my midi interface.

I am using a Korg Minilogue XD as my master keyboard and sending note on/off was working as expected, even when having issues syncing the sequencers of the XD and TR8S to cubase. The XD sequencer, in particular, was going bananas but I managed to find the issue within Windows midi port settings using the Korg driver uninstall utility. This showed that my audio interface and TR8S were both using several ports instead of one each. I don't know how this happened as I have recently upgraded my PC and clean installed windows but I have cleaned it up and all my syncing issues have been resolved. However, I lost the ability to get midi into the tracks using the keyboard during one of the times my sequencers were going bonkers.

I have restored factory settings on the XD. The XD will trigger the TR8S when connecting the two instruments directly which makes me think the issue is within Cubase. I did mess about with lots of settings when trying to resolve this issue but I have since reverted to default preferences and I still can't get midi into the tracks.

Does anyone know how I can resolve this. All midi settings appear to be set correctly from what I can tell, but I am certainly no expert.

Thanks in advance.