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Old 20th June 2020
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SSL Six or Softube Console 1

I am considering something and would like to ask for any thoughts...
It is all about the next step in my mixing process after setting the levels and panning - filtering and compression...
And now I am thinking about getting SSL Six mixer and using it for that giving my song its sound and vibe.
I would like to send every track from Pro Tools one by one to SSL, use HP, LP filters, compressor and return as a new track, replacing the unprocessed one obviously. So I would send the Mix Bus (created in Pro Tools session, stereo bus including all my tracks) to inputs 3/4 in SSL (not to process it, but to monitor whole mix) and addictionally the tracks on separate outputs (one by one - kick, snare, hihat, bass, keys etc) to superanalogue in 1/2. In that case I would be able to hear how I change them using ssl filters and compressor but also able to hear whole mix.
So I believe my monitors would have to be connected to SSL now?
Is that setup making any sense? Or should I just get Softube Console 1 and mix in easy way?