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Old 20th June 2020
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Hi Devnull,

the HDMI audio extractor I got was this one:

The monitor controller I have is:

It is setup for larger Dub Stage or a facility with a larger console. So it's got tons of inputs and outputs. It handles Bass redirection (for some reason it's not called bass management. I believe because you can't control the crossover frequency. It's set to 80hz I believe) But it does the job.

So, you can have (2) separate 7.1 set of monitors. Or (1) 7.1 set + (1) 5.1 + (1) Stereo + (1) Mono. So with the click of a button you can downmix 7.1 or 5.1 to stereo or mono. It also sends out pink noise so you can calibrate your monitors in the room (very helpful because there are no unknowns if say, the file you play on your computer is not the correct volume, or if there is some stage gain issues down your path)

Currently, I can send 5.1 surround to my L/R/C and my LS/RS and my sub from Reaper and from ProTools via the ASIO driver. I can download files and play them in JRiver again in 5.1 through ASIO Driver.

If I play Netflix from the NetFlix App in Windows I select my audio to go to the HDMI which is feeding my projector. Before it hits the projector I process it with the Audio Extractor above and feed that to my MartinSound MultiMax on a separate input. (there are about 3 or 4 different inputs that each take 8 channels IN if I remember correctly) The only draw back is that because of the extractor being a consumer device, it is at -10db I believe so the audio coming out of Netflix App is lower than when I play audio through DAW or JRiver. so I have to bump up the volume. The unit does have Toslink Digital Out, but I have not gotten it to work and feed my Audio Interface Digital IN. Would be nice to get it to work as the Analogue introduces a little buzzing on my monitors.

Let me know if you have any other questions.