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May I ask which speakers did you get?
Sorry for the delay - need to monitor my own thread -thought it went quiet...

I have a Bluesky Pro Desk 2.1 setup (2 Sat 5 and 1 Sub 8). As part of this surround sound stuff I happened to be poking around on Reverb and found someone selling a Bluesky Pro desk 5.1 setup (5 Sat 5, 1 Sub 8, a BMC (Bass Management Controller) and a BMC remote) - for a very reasonable price - at least before we had to renegotiate the shipping costs. I also picked up a 2nd BMC on Reverb.

So now I have speakers for 7.1 with two subs and bass management for up to 10.1. At minimum - I'll get a dual sub setup with calibration in the BMC for my 2.1 configuration - and I'll have the ability to try getting a 5.1 or 7.1 environment up for at least streaming. If I get that far, it might be time to consider Protools Ultimate.

I've considered trying to get four more Sat 5's, and a 3rd BMC to get to 11.1 in case I want to get to 7.1.4, but I definitely need to get pass the UR824 stereo driver issue before I even consider that and will need a 2nd UR824 to get past 7.1. Right now I'm just trying to plan my room around allowing for top speakers at some later time. 7.1.4 probably will have to wait till either Dolby or DTS offers a Windows solution - which may never happen.

Haven't had much time to play with solving the drive issue since I last posted. I'll definitely report back on how this works.