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Old 19th June 2020
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Drawing / touching up waveforms visually to create IR's?

Anyone doing this? I do a lot of graphic work, and it just seems silly to me to try and use all these more abstract tools when I can see exactly what I do or don't like about an IR.

I'd like to do two things:

1) Touch up some existing IR's to change the overall shape a bit, clean up / smooth out a few things.

2) Use modern graphic tools to create from scratch by inputting some info about frequencies, etc, then manipulating from there

Are either of these things currently being done with existing tools?

If not (ore even if so)... what about some simple intuitive tools to create my own reverb. I'm looking to emulate some particular plates, but in a more platonic ideal sort of way to take out some of the grit for a cleaner, less cluttered sound.