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Old 19th June 2020
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I´ve been using Celemony Melodyne for years, but are getting mails from Synchroarts about Revoice Pro deals. Now it´s time to either upgrade to Melodyne 5 or Revice Pro 4.

Anyone here with experience with both? Pro and cons? Are there any good arguments for having both?

Tough question, I use Revoice Pro 4 since a couple of years and love it, for vocal aligning (in bulks), de-essing and for vocal tuning. I preferred the Revoice tuning algorithm a lot to Melodyne Studio 4 (which I also have since a couple of years). I definitely used Melodyne for polyphonic stuff, because Revoice can't do that, and for tuning kicks etc., but never for vocal tuning. Revoice just felt and sounded better in my opinion. But now I have tested Melodyne 5 and I have to say that I love it. The new tuning macro is absolutely great, sounds fantastic. Also love the other new features (low frequency kick detection, leveling etc.). Means: I will upgrade to 5 definitely. But I wouldn't want to miss Revoice either. Each of them has their strength (Revoice: really fast aligning of bgvs and doubles), both sound very good. You will need both in the end :-)