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Old 19th June 2020
Here for the gear
Cruel Crazy World

I've listened to about 8 songs in this thread so far. Some pretty cool stuff. Thought I'd throw this very lo-fi recording I wrote and recorded in 1992 into the mix, warts and all. This is the original mix-down. I recently cut out two sections to reduce repetition but that's all I've done to it.

-Recorded on a Yamaha MT100 4-tracker.
-Drums programmed on a Roland TR-626.
-SM58 for vocals.
-Yamaha R100 Reverb Processor on the vocals.
-Guitar is a Gibson Explorer lined-in through a ZOOM 9000 effects processor.
-Bass is actually the Explorer again but with the highs and mids EQed out and also lined-in through the 9000.
-Lead vocal and all harmonies by me.

Currently rewriting this tune with a plan to rerecord it with updated gear and a modern DAW.