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Old 18th June 2020
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1st Home Studio Small Build

Hey so i've been reading and watching videos over the past few months on both soundproofing and acoustics. I have purchased a mobile unit about a year ago to start a business and I have one room I want to dedicate as a home studio. Ive been building new interior walls in all the other rooms and wanted to know a few things before proceeding with the studio room.

So the room is small 93" by 87" by 89". I know the sound is never going to be anywhere near perfect in a room so small but i'm trying to do the best with what I have and I''m happy to have a place to start now.

So in the room I have a window at one end and i'm going to place my desk on this wall so the reflections are the same on both sides. My plan with the stud walls was to remove the plasterboard and install 150mm acoustic insulation and resilient bars then put double plasterboard on all four walls and on roof.

Then for acoustic treatment I was going build bass traps for all four corners and absorbers for the two walls and ceiling above the desk. And I was going to get 5" monitors as I know bass will be an issue in such a small room.

I'm more worried about getting an accurate sound in the room than soundproofing. Is there anything else I can do that would improve the sound in the room?