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Hmmm. Well, thank you for the advice. The guy who is helping me with this is very experienced, so I’ll have to ask him why he would go the MLV route.

In terms of installation ease, aren’t clips way more difficult to get right? I’ve read that you have to be very careful in order to fully decouple, and MLV seems like you just nail it to the studs and that’s it. I did look up the price though and it is extremely pricey. :/
Avare speaks truths.


Clips are super simple to install. You just screw them in.

The problem with the original approach, is the mass is not decoupled. You trade mlv for clips, and you gain roughly 10db and its probably cheaper.

A method i like is clips for the ceiling, and double wood frame walls. Its simpler than an entirely clips based approach, and cheaper. It gives up an inch or two relative to clip systems, but is not a big deal unless it violates code, which is doesn't in your case. Gain back the inch or two by using thin vinyl floor moulding, or none at all.

Ditto for the floor. Swap out mlv and plywood, for self leveling concrete.

Im assuming you're singing into a PA with a sub, with music playing. If music is involved Low Frequency attenuation is critical. The lower the frequency the more challenging to isolate.

If you redo the test by playing an 80 or 60 or 50hz sine wave at 85 db, you will likely see it is only reduced 10-15 db a couple feet outside. So you need cheaper, better located mass, decoupled, to make a dent in the LF attenuation. The original plan doesn't offer enough LF.

Its highly suggested you get the book Avare referenced, its must read. It includes plenty of drawings you can print for your builder.