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I have only been using the Pheonix on the front end while tracking so far because that’s what I was working on when it arrived.
I’ve had (and sold) a stereo pair of distressors for many years and also API2500 which I still have.

I’m finding Vari mu compression very different from VCA compression which all of my experience is based on. Specifically the relationship between the input knob & threshold, increasing input adds colour or character but also increases the compression ratio as the signal goes higher above the threshold. The first couple times I used it I was a bit underwhelmed tbh BUT as I got to know how to use it Ive been liking it more and more. I find it rather transparent but it makes things bigger and more euphonic, I’m very rarely doing heavy compression on anything but I don’t think the Pheonix has such a heavy colour as say the api2500. When set right the Pheonix makes whatever signal you are putting through it better, it’s a really nice piece IMO.

Now, as I understand it it shines on individual sources, drums and 2bus. I too bought it for 2 bus duties but I also bought it so it can serve double duties, drums & tracking sometimes. I’ve heard a clean solid state EQ before the Pheonix on 2bus is a good combo, I will try this with my mini massive. I’m also going to be trying drum bus, api2500 > Pheonix both doing only about 1db of compression. I’ve also got to try it out in standby mode using it for tube distortion/saturation pushing the input and maybe blending in parallel with the dry signal.

As you said I will try it out in some different chains and scenarios and see where it wants to be most of the time.


Thanks a lot for the response. That’s great to hear. I too have a 2500 so the reference and insights are helpful.