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Originally Posted by maxiedaniels View Post
The room is down to its studs.

Space is very much a premium - it’s only 13x11ft.
You can gain isolation adding drywall in between the wall bays. This takes up no space in the internal room.

With regard to the rest of it, it again depends on how much isolation you want.

The 1/8" acoustiblok weighs 1 lb per sq ft. Half of what a 5/8" drywall sheet weighs. To match drywall you've got to go 1/4" acoustiblok, and even then your getting less mass, and saving less than half and inch. Plus spending way more. And giving a contractor a material he is unfamiliar with, and is more likely to mess up, and take longer installing. Costing even more money...

Ill state again. The plan you have is relatively expensive, and minimally effective. It's just not an efficeint way to go financially or acoustically.