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MLV is very expensive mass generally speaking. 5/8 drywall is often the best bang for the buck especially in North America. If budget is high and space is at a premium it can make sense, but most often a couple inches can be used in the space, and several hundred % saved.

In certain cases Green Glue is useful and cost effective.

It all comes down to exactly what your trying to isolate. Conversations vs music require different approaches.

Its also important to know if the room is already drywalled or not. makes reputable acoustic windows that drop directly into typical residential openings.

Instead of MLV i would use whisper clips or risc1 clips on the walls and ceiling. Then apply a couple drywall layers to that. Green Glue if budget permits. For real isolation you need decoupling, which is what the clips do, and mass (drywall ect), air sealed.

The clips can give somewhere around a 9-12 db reduction, which would require several layers of MLV to match. They are probably cheaper than a single mlv layer too.

For the floor, adding an layer of self leveling concrete would be effective.

Again it depends on what exactly you need to isolate, and how quiet it needs to be. How the guest house is (or isn't) attached to the main house makes a difference.

Then plan outlined for you sounds to me like it's going to offer a small amount of isolation at a premium price. Not ideal.