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Old 17th June 2020
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Vintage Neve 1084 noise...


I was in a recording session when one of my two vintage Neve preamps beginned to make some hiss, at about -60 db. I had to switch preamp to end the recording session. The signal sounds good (no distortion or frequency response change), it's only that there is a loud hiss in the background.

The level of the hiss is constant even if i raise the preamp gain. Even at full gain, the hiss remains the same. My preamps are mounted in a vintage king rack and each channel has a output volume.
When i lower the volume, the hiss fades with the volume. I could crank the preamp gain and lower the volume, but then, i'll have too much color or saturation from the preamp.

I hope there is something wrong only in the circuit of the rack?

What do you thing could cause this problem? A faulty capacitor? Something else?
I am scared to send it to repair...

The preamps were checked and put to spec by a neve specialist tech in US before i bought them 12 years ago. I dont remember his name, i'll have to check in my papers...

Any Neve Guru here that could point me the cause of the problem?