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Old 17th June 2020
Verifying plan for soundproofing

I'm having a guest house soundproofed, and a reputable studio builder created a soundproofing outline to give to my contractor. The room is actually decent in terms of sound isolation already, but the doors and window are obvious weak points.

The soundproofing outline is as follows:

- Install batt insulation filling 100% in walls, floor and ceiling
- Apply Acoustiblok 16 1/8” mass loaded vinyl onto floor joists, wall studs, and ceiling rafters per manufacturers recommendation.
- Apply 5/8 inch gypsum wall board on walls and ceiling. If cost permits, apply a second layer of 5/8 inch gypsum wall board (stagger seams). And if cost permits, apply Green Glue between the two layers of gypsum board at 2 tubes per 32 square feet.
- Apply wood sub-floor over mass loaded vinyl and finish as specified
- Replace operable window with a quality dual glazed fixed window on the exterior side, and 9/16 inch laminated glass on the interior with a minimum of 1.5 inches of space between them (best performance).
- Replace the entry door with a min 43 db acoustic door from Vancouver or equivalent. Option is to install 1 ¾ inch solid core door (if existing door is less than this) and improve seals.

I'm a little bit thrown off from googling MLV and green glue. A lot of sites seem say green glue is a miracle, yet other sites say it's not the greatest and expensive.

In this case, does the usage of Acoustiblok as a must-do vs. green glue as an option make sense?