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How would one make the ceiling disappear?

Perhaps I can remove my broad band panels in the ceilings corners and replace them with corner shapped boxes to line 3 walls of the room where the wall meets the ceiling(ceiling corners). I could also do this in 3 corners of room. The question would be what to fill them with . I could do carbon in the corners but the ceiling corners would be way to heavy filled with carbon. Im hearing conflict info on bass absorbtion. Ive heard high density Carbon must be used where others have said to use Owens Corning 700?
What I am mean by making the ceiling "disappear" is make it absorptive completely down to the first mode so there are no reflections down to the microphone.
So trap the entire ceiling and go as deep as you can.

Before deciding on what kind of panels to try, find out first what the issues are. Download REW, buy a USB mic and shoot the space. Analyze it first and then decide what course to take.

Don't just throw things up on the wall or the corners for the sake of putting things up because you read it somewhere.