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Here for the gear

Serious 147Hz dip


Would love to get your help with some problems im facing after installing corner traps.

Below you can see pictures from

. room l5x2+x2, 4w
. Diy traps 1,5x0,8 knauf tw fiber coton tissue wrap
. One rew measurement made without traps, speakers on horizontally and 45cm away from the front wall room control option on - 2
. Second rew measurement made with traps, speaker is 10 cm away from the rear wall, vertical position using the room control option on 0

This second measurement was made after gradually reducing speaker/front wall distance
Speakers are 75cm away from side walls

After installing the traps got some issues taken care of around 60hz, but this important dip at 147 and 190hz came and im out of ideas on what to do

Hope its clear enough
Thanks for any possible help
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Serious 147Hz dip-img_20200617_085014.jpg