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Here for the gear

o_C Hemisphere 1.8 guides

Here are three PDFs of the updated Hemisphere 1.8 guide taken from the Hemisphere Wiki.

o_C-Hemisphere-1.8-Screen.pdf is designed for screen viewing. Every app guide is on its own page and you can navigate to any page from any page.

o_C-Hemisphere-1.8-BookLetter.pdf and BookA4.pdf will print as nice little booklets, fairly convenient when away from the screen. BookLetter is to be printed on Letter size paper and BookA4 on, yes, A4 paper.

To print the booklets you'll need a duplex printer (prints on both side of the paper). Make sure to select the "Short Side Binding" option before you send the job or it's not going to work at all. The whole guide will use 16 pages in all.

Once printed, gather all the pages in the order they came out of the printer, fold the bunch in half and staple in the middle (or use some string or a weak elastic band). Et voila, there's your booklet...

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