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I used a UK Drill style kick which has a heavily clipped waveform. Boost the low shelf at 50Hz, mid cut at 500Hz and high boost at 5KHz (all around 2-3dB) and then I got the echo bug at a low but audible level.

The low boost on its own didn't cause the echo bug like normal but its seems the interaction of the low mid band somehow brought it out.

I got banned from the official FB group today for pointing this out. I've used Acustica products proffesionally for about ten years now and really don't appreciate being kicked out of a group which I've significantly contributed to with no warning, especially when I was told the problem didn't exist by the marketing guy and now the head of the company has just acknowledged it!
It's the new concept: Positive Space.

Their motto is "This is an environment of welcoming and positive vibes and you should just get the f out of here"