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we normally synchronize all controls with the control link. We have made choices for this particular product, dictated by its use.
In particular:

-the equalizer activation buttons are not synchronized in the stereo eq.
-some controls such as model selection are not synchronized in the compressor

This choice was made to take into account the use of these products in M/S mode, we preferred to keep some things independently.
So yes, it's true, the buttons on the eq for example must be activated manually, and so on...
just a personal thought on this after using for some hours; i think it would make more sense from a workflow view to link all controls then tweak individually after, for instance, there seems no point in linking the compressor ratio/releases/thresholds etc unless the compressor models are linked as they react differently for each model, i have found myself constantly checking which settings are linked and which ones need manual adjustment, kind of defeats the idea imo. i am really enjoying the sound of erin though, another excellent release.