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Hello people

First I want to thank the community I have been spending some time on gearslutz and I am very grateful for the information and discussions on this forum.
I am self-taught in production for about 4 years and im still complete amateur.I do everything ITB, I went through different genres of electronic music, but somehow I always stick to the underground sound.

To get to the point, I'm interested is it possible to capture this sound all ITB,which processing chains are used especially for drums and what you need to pay attention to when making a mixdown of Electro \ Techno music.

Here are a few examples so if anyone is willing to comment a bit.
Thanks in advance!

A bit of a vague question, how much knowledge do you have a how good are your productions?

What I can say is learn and experiment with compressors. They are a subject with infinite depth: experiment and use your ears.

Those tracks definitely pop on the drums side. I suspect each drum track is compressed separately then on the drum bus channel. I am also fairly sure other tracks within the tunes have sidechain compression on them also.

Sorry to be vague, I am definitely not an expert but I know my compression use and therefore track heft has improved over the years. Hopefully others can add more to this