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C-Link not work with AAX protools

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Trying it out at the moment : C-Link doesn't work properly with the VST3 version, when I press it the knobs are moving but the desired channel is not active. Need to activate it manually. Even when I disable the button set the knobs at the same position, it is the same. It is also extremely heavy on CPU.

I think I will try the AU version too to see if it happens there too.

Btw I am working on a Mac with Reaper. Normally I don't have any performance issues at all with Acustica Audio stuff.
we normally synchronize all controls with the control link. We have made choices for this particular product, dictated by its use.
In particular:

-the equalizer activation buttons are not synchronized in the stereo eq.
-some controls such as model selection are not synchronized in the compressor

This choice was made to take into account the use of these products in M/S mode, we preferred to keep some things independently.
So yes, it's true, the buttons on the eq for example must be activated manually, and so on...