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Neumann Problems in S. Korea.. :/

Hey fellow Gear-Salutes!

Neumann A/S is non-existent in S. Korea. Even from their national distributor?? I am a Canadian engineer and studio owner here in Seoul. I have been living and working here in the industry for over a decade now.
I contacted the national distributor to ask for a speaker to be repaired. this speaker was purchased about 7 years ago. I no longer have the receipt and have no idea where it is. I simply want to PAY THEM what ever i need to fix the problem. But they are refusing to do any repairs because I don't have a purchase receipt. is this normal? Doe this make any logical sense? When you purchase something from a company like Neumann one would expect that company to offer profession repairs and after service for their products.
this is even more troubling considering the amount of products I own from this company.

So what was the Distributors helpful advice? "Contact Neumann head office. We can only offer after service repair if you have a purchase receipt"

So....I do try to do just that. but wait.... THE IS NO CONTACT INFO FOR NEUMANN ON THEIR SITE. So all I have are a distributor who is unwilling to do anything....and no one else I can contact. Hence why I an here wasting even more of my time venting to my audio peers.

Just to be clear. I want to pay them money to fix THEIR product. In most countries this is a very simple thing. Not here. I have had a similar situation before with another company in Korea. in that case they refused to do anything at all to help me. I contacted head office and explained the situation. Head office was shocked and contacted the Korean distributor right away and told them to fix it ASAP. simple enough, right?
Studio gear is always breaking or going down. it is a part of owning a studio. it sucks. but that is happens. It is hard enough to find the time to do the upkeep and ship things out for repair when needed. It is a hassle for any busy working professional. It is infuriating when you are met with such resistance when you are trying to do such a simple task as asking a company to provide after market service for their own products.

So what now? I have an unusable one who will fix it ....and no contact information for the head office to at least provide some insight or resolution to this matter. There are always private repair shops....I Know.....but it would be nice if the actual company provides the service I need.

Any thoughts of advice out there? I am not the ranting kind....but this boiled my boat today. professional companies should always provide professional solutions for the professional clients who purchase their products. This is common sense.

On a side note. the output of my CL1B is dead. I contacted the Tubetech distributor in Korea and told them about the problem. They gave me the address to the repair center and said to bring it over for repair any time. THIS IS HOW A PROFESSIONAL BRAND CONDUCTS THEMSELVES. WHY THE HELL CAN'T NEUMANN KOREA DO THIS??? Utter madness. but I digress...

So now what? any advice out there? is the speaker issue...

I am having a crazy high pitched electrical buzz from one of my Neumann KH120's. It's not wiring or cables or my patch or electricity. I have already removed all of those variables.

its weird. when i power them on it is crazy bad....and randomly after 10-15 minutes it goes away......but then comes back randomly. they are literally unusable at this point. its like working with a bee in your ear. luckily these are my secondary monitors I only use as close and narrow near fields. Having the down is not a big deal....but it would be nice to get them fixed so they are not just expensive paperweights.

Cheers for the land of kpop and kimchi!