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I’m very interested to hear your thoughts if you do get the swift comparing it to your 2a3. My understanding is that the swift is very clean and the retro very coloured so I don’t think they would be redundant at all.

Also please let us know how you like your Pheonix when you get it (if you don’t mind) how it interacts with your other gear etc. I’ve had mine for about 2 weeks now and am liking it but still getting to know/understand it. It’s my first Vari mu and my first thermionic product, the swift is appealing as well.

How are you using the Phoenix - drum bus - individual things? Mix bus?
What kinds of music?
And what other comps do you have or have a good grasp of.
I bought mine assuming I’d slap it on and leave it in my mix bus. But maybe I’m being short sighted. Of course the ear and studio fun doesn’t need to stop there.