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Plugins are horrible! They sound flat and not 3D and will never equal the beauty of a real vintage analog!
This is actually only the case when one is using SATA HDDs or SSDs to load the plugins. The data is read too quickly and subsequently misaligns the DSP code that's loaded into RAM. The developers unfortunately omit any error-checking due to the excessive CPU cycles the plugin would need when in use.

Most people are unaware of this, but if one switches over to vintage PATA IDE HDDs (Deskstars are my fave), not only will the data load correctly and allow one to work with the plugin's true sound, but the drive's complimentary high-pitched whirring tone gradually stirs the creative mindset to produce more emotion in the chord progressions and greater dynamics in the beats.

After a person makes this comparison for themselves, they can very quickly recognize which productions were made using the smooth, natural PATA seek response. Not many from recent years, sadly.