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Old 16th June 2020
Burl B80 Mothership MADi, can it be controlled remotely?

Hi all!
I have a 28/24 I/O Burl Mothership B80 with MADI connection. The thing sounds absolutely fantastic but generates lots of heat... For some odd reason, B80 has to be "set" every time I swith it on...What I mean is, it alwasy starts at 96Khz samplerate BDA4M transformers turned off. I'm mainly using 44,1 so I have to manually switch it to 44,1 every day...This is quite annoying since even the cheapest Behringer ADAs remember the last used settings in my books...

So my question is...Is there a way to make B80 remember it's settings OR even better, control it remotely...I'd like to move the converter out of the control room to reduce heat problems.

I don't know if it's because I'm not from the US but Burl also doesn't answer my support posts...People in GS keep talking about great Burl customer service...Have to say that I've had different kind of experience...All kinds of new product alerts coming to mail every other day but none of my (2) support requests have been answered. Don't know why this is, I've dropped serios amount of cash for this so I feel that it's ok to wait something a little bit better.

Any help?